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Frosted shower doors phoenix

Have you thought about adding frosted shower doors Phoenix to your bathroom? In the last few years, frosted doors for showers have become very popular and have become the talk of the town.

AQ Glass Arizona has heavy plate frosted shower doors that will add a calm feel to your bathrooms and make everyone talk about them. If you look at our website, you'll see that there are a lot of choices for shower doors. You can choose one that fits your bathroom's style and your budget.

Frosted Glass Shower Door

Get Our Custom frosted shower doors with durability

You have a lot of choices for where to buy great frosted glass shower doors Phoenix. When you buy doors from online bathroom stores, you might not get a professional opinion on how well they fit your bathroom.

But don't worry; AQ Glass Arizona is here to give you great choices for shower doors that meet your technical and size needs. Before the fabrication process starts, our expert team is always ready to look over your design ideas and find and fix any possible problems.

We make sure your shower area is safe and pleasant

Most bathroom doors are made of high-quality, 8M-thick tempered security glass. The frosted sliding shower doors Phoenix even have a beautiful recess or a strong handle on them.

We always keep a closer eye on the level of comfort and safety by measuring and talking to people. AQ Glass Arizona tells customers that if they need to, they should add an extra handle for extra safety. They can even set up a useful rack so that everything can hang together.

We promise that with our team’s help, you’ll be able to reach everything you need to make your shower or other area comfortable and safe.

Advantages of investing in frosted Shower Doors

    Frosted pivot shower doors bring in 50% extra light. We can invest in the frosted shower glass door to bring natural brightness into the shower space. This will help you to save your energy bills as well. After the installation, you will feel how much it lights up the interior decor.

  •         Most of the frosted shower doors have a blurry pattern. And this blurry pattern hides any sort of hard water spots or imperfections coming into the glass.
  •         With frosted shower enclosures, your privacy increases a lot. This glass door is included with blurry sand-blasted-like pattern with which nobody can easily see through the glass.
  •         Another big benefit of a frosted shower door is that it gives you an easy maintenance and cleaning process. The patterned glass door does not get any sort of fingerprints or dirt spots, which makes your maintenance a lot easier.
  •         No matter if you choose only a glass door or even an entire shower cubicle, it will create a sort of illusion of enough wide areas.
  •         Furthermore, frosted hinged shower doors come with great customization options

High Quality Installation of Frosted Shower Doors in Phoenix

AQ Glass Arizona guarantees that they will install your frosted shower door panels in Phoenix in a way that is both professional and on time. As soon as our team gets to your job spot, they will take care of everything for you. The amazing bathroom door will be put in with great care and consideration.

Our team is great because they pay attention to every little thing. All of the parts are in place to seal the whole enclosure and clean the area.

Our team will even let you check everything again to make sure you are completely happy. We like seeing you happy!


The reason why frosted bypass shower doors are in popularity is due to the design trends it offers. It has a timeless look which adds privacy and obscurity to your bath area. It even diffuses the glare and lets the light pass through easily into the room.

2. Is frosted glass breakable?

Glass mixtures are one such material which is always at the risk of breakage, no matter whether it is a violent hailstorm, accident or a sweltering day. But frosted glass is durable and is tougher as compared to regular class.

3. Does sunlight pass through a frosted glass?

The frosted glass it’s not fully impeached, which eventually means descended can still easily come through. It prevents the harsh glare which is happening by the sunlight and provides strong UV light protection.

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