AQ Glass Shower Doors Phoenix

Semi frameless shower Doors Phoenix

Do you wish to give your bathroom a more open feel? If yes, then semi frameless shower doors in Phoenix would be your best choice for you. These doors are an excellent choice for homeowners wishing to add a minimalistic bathroom without spending a huge investment.

Generally, all semi-frameless shower enclosures combine framed and frameless shower doors to get the best of both worlds.

In creating an excellent custom frameless or steam shower, AQ Glass Arizona is extremely careful to use durable glass and to give our valued customers great choices in glass styles.

Semi Frameless Shower Door Phoenix

Endless options to fit your home’s unique style

Almost all semi frameless shower doors are available with endless options to fit according to your house next time. AQ Glass Arizona offers a varied and wide selection of shower door glass and hardware.

Our team will visit your property to thoroughly assess your bathroom space and give you some suitable recommendations to pick the best fit.

For us, winning our customer trust is the main priority. And we ensure that happy customers return to their house and return to us repeatedly.

Important reasons to invest in semi-frameless shower doors

Compared to frameless shower doors, semi-frameless enclosures are quite easy in installation. These doors come with the installation guide to give you convenience if you install them yourself.

Modern Aesthetic

In almost every shower door, metal framing is important to maintain the integrity of the entire shower structure. If you’re budget-conscious, choosing semi frameless door is the best option. These doors are available in different customization options to pick the suitable one according to your space preferences.

Easy to Clean

For some people, cleaning the bathroom is an extremely tiring task. But cleaning semi frameless glass shower doors is a task that is easy to perform. These doors are fitted with frames around the edges to avoid soap buildup.

Easiest Installation

Compared to frameless shower doors, semi-frameless enclosures are quite easy in installation. These doors come with the installation guide to give you convenience if you install them yourself.

Less Mold and Corrosion

Just before semi-frameless shower enclosures are included with fewer seals, they can reduce the number of places where the water can collect itself. It often comes with a small frame and minimal hardware to reduce the risk of corrosion.

Guaranteed custom semi-frameless shower doors installation

Every bathroom owner wanted to have their shower area functional and extra elegant looking in the first look. No doubt, a perfect shower door will bring extra beauty into the living space of the bathroom.

AQ Glass Arizona is not just limited to offering a huge collection of great shower door designs. Still, we have an experienced team to install semi frameless pivot shower doors conveniently without any hassle. The team will help you to find reliable solutions for the home depot shower doors.

Just get in touch with our team and book your appointments, where in just 24 hours, our team will reach your doorstep to take the measurements of your shower area.


1. Do you face any leakage with semi-frameless shower doors?

No, they don’t. Semi-frameless bypass shower doors have small caps within the hindrance and even on the side areas of the door. There are fewer chances that water will pass through those gaps and cause any leakage.

2. What are the drawbacks of semi-frameless shower screens?

One biggest drawback of semi-frameless hinged shower doors is that there needs to be more time all around the glass. This indicates that it is not perfectly seemed, which will cause a small amount of water to escape easily.

3. How much thick is semi frameless shower screen?

Semi-frameless shower screens have a standard thickness of 6mm glass. But you can also choose the level of thickness according to your preferences. You can go for 10mm thick toughened safety glass for better cleanness purpose.